Ljuboten mountain hut

The mountain hut “Ljuboten” has been built before the WWII. The devastating impact of the weather, the irregular and improper maintenance in the last 80 years made big damages in the appearance and the construction stability on many parts of the hut. Nowadays, the mountaineers, alpinists and tourists have different needs and the hut with the very old functionalities and infrastructure equipment doesn’t meet their demands. The hut has been built with traditional local materials, which is very normal and reasonable from economical, engineering and environmental point of view. The hut basis and the first floor has been built from local stone, minimally processed, built in cement mortar.

Project Gallery

In order, the hut to be further used for the same purpose for which it has been built and to meet the needs of the mountaineers and tourists, there are few major building and construction interventions that need to be done. “Bozinovski Inzenering” team made a proposal project which includes several construction phases which are necessary. The construction and craftsmanship work will be refurbishing and reconstruction of the hut in order to fulfill the necessary standards for stability, safety, and comfort ability and with eventual extension of the hut it will have additional accommodation capacity. Besides the major building and construction interventions, second priority is providing additional hygiene technical and sanitary conditions. That means building of additional number of toilets and showers, which are necessary for normal usage of the hut. Also, because there is now chance in near future the hut to have an electrical power supply, it is necessary to be introduced alternative power sources for water heating and electrical energy. The available alternative energy sources that have to be used are the wood stove heating, solar collectors for water heating and solar panels for electrical energy.